Psychrometric App

Psychrometric App for iPad or iPhone.

The Psychrometric App for iPad and iPhone is an interactive, graphical psychometric chart app. Allows you to create and manipulate charts and state points with the touch of your finger(s).

  • Add new state points by double tapping anywhere on the chart. Hold and drag existing state points to move them on the graph, with properties values updating live to aid you in setting them to the right value.
  • Works in both SI and IP units.
  • Allows you to create and save multiple charts.
  • Processes that can be modeled include:
    • An individual state point.
    • Air mixing.
    • Sensible heating.
    • Sensible cooling.
    • Cooling coils.
    • Other processes by connecting state points.
  • Properties and energy change for connected points are calculated and displayed live.
  • Share your charts by exporting a PDF file.
  • Works on both the iPhone and iPad, but best used on the larger screen of the iPad.

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Psychrometric App FAQ’s

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