Pipe Sizer App for iPhone and iPad

Pipe Sizer App – Water


The Pipe Sizer App for iOS has been designed to help water piping system engineers and designers quickly and accurately design new piping systems, and analyze existing pipping systems.

Quickly size new and analyze existing piping systems on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Enter flow, friction rate or velocity numbers directly for maximum accuracy.
  • Use the sliders for quick calculations.
  • Calculations update live, giving you quick feedback on your design.
  • Lock flow rate, friction rate or velocity to size the pipe based on your input criteria.
  • Works for both SI and IP units.
  • Supports steel, copper and PVC piping.
  • Includes fluid data for:
    • Water
    • Ethylene glycol (10-90% by volume)
    • Propylene glycol (10-90% by volume)

Put your plastic sizing wheel in the drawer. Have a modern design tool with you wherever you go.

Pipe Sizer App - iPhone 8 Plus
Pipe Sizer App


Pipe Sizer App – Usage

To Calculate Velocity and Pressure Drop for a Given Pipe Size and Flow

  • Unlock flow, friction rate and velocity values if locked.
  • Modify the pipe size using the pipe size slider.
    • The friction rate and velocity will update based on the new pipe size and the previously selected flow rate.
  • Modify the flow rate using the flow rate slider, or type a new value in the text field.
    • The friction rate and velocity will updated based on the new flow rate and the previously selected pipe size.

To Size a Based on Flow Rate

  • Lock the friction rate or velocity, and set the value to the desired upper limit.
  • Adjust the flow rate using the flow rate slider or flow rate text field to the desired value.
    • The pipe size will update to the smallest size that does not exceed the locked friction or velocity limit.
    • The actual friction rate and velocity are displayed adjacent to the text fields.
    • Note that the actual friction rate or velocity value may exceed the locked limit if the maximum pipe size available has cannot meet the limit.

To Calculate Based on a Fixed Flow Rate

  • Lock the flow rate.
  • Adjust the pipe size to calculate friction rate and velocity for various sizes.
  • Adjust the velocity and/or friction rate to size the pipe based on the set flow rate.


The friction factor calculations are based on the following formula developed by Churchill (1977):

Formula for Friction Factor used in Pipe Sizer App

For IP Units, the above formula is used. For SI Units, unit conversions are made automatically.

Pipe Sizer App – Note:

This application (App) is provided for use by qualified piping system engineers and designers and is not a substitute for appropriate design services. When in doubt, contact a design professional.

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